Otakon Rebranding

Otakon 2011 Logo Outlined (dragged) 5.jpg

Otakon Rebranding A one-year process to redefine the symbol and corporate identity of an anime convention. Anime conventions are not known for having a consistent corporate design. Most are run by volunteers with no design backgrounds. This also means funds are scarce and hiring a design team would be impractical. Otakon is different. Being one […]

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Faust Typeface

Faust Card.jpg

Faust Typeface While other kids drew stick figures in high school, I drew the alphabet. Typography is a long-lasting fascination, and I was given the opportunity to produce a typeface for a film project. Following the theme of a dangerous demon-influenced gambler, “Faust,” the typeface, was a labor of love. To see the entire type […]

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